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Created by JH Designs
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

16 days...

With only 16 days left, I'm starting to feel the excitement!

Brady's in Willow Street donated services via a gift certificate.

I have to go on the 15th to pick up the plaques from Awards & Beyond in New Cumberland.  They did last year's and they turned out terrific.

I have to call a couple of people who are last minute types, but no worries. I have faith in them to get the job done~

I will have to do some shopping to prepare for camping...but not too much because I have all the smore's ingredients already!!  I just need beer, and I think that's it. Lulz.

You may start to see my last name change...but it's still me! I can be reached at both email addresses as the transition phase occurs!

That's it for now. Any questions? email or call me

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