Created by JH Designs

Created by JH Designs
2012 t-shirt front

Friday, May 31, 2013

I want to donate, but won't make the show

If you want to make a donation, but cannot make the show please use the link below to go to the Making Strides website. There will be a button that says "DONATE". Click on that. Type in Dub N Rub into the team name box, and then make a donation!! Super easy, and a great way to help without actually leaving the comfort of your living room!

Making Strides donation page

Another option is emailing me, and Paypal me money for a shirt. You will have to pay S&H, but you can buy a shirt (money is donated to the American Cancer Society), have it mailed to you and never leave the comfort of your couch!

Lots of ways to donate to the American Cancer Society, and Save 2nd Base!


The must have's of a show

I am not your mom, and I really do not want to be an enforcer so I would like to remind everyone attending that this is a family show. We support boobies, and I want you to have fun but more like PG-13 fun and less NC17. Meaning, no wet t-shirt contests. I don't want to see your nipples ladies, I know that the guys wouldn't mind...but the 4 year's parents usually do.
I am not policing your language, your music or your attitude unless I have to. And, if the Staff comes up to you and asks you to turn it down please do so. Last year we had some people asked to leave  and I do not want to have to do that again this year.
 Burn Outs are not allowed and should not be encouraged. Throwing glass bottles at/towards/near cars is never acceptable, and will result in an immediate ejection. 

Canopies are allowed (be conscious of space), 
if you are 21 you can have alcohol (don't be a jerk), 
dogs are permitted (you must clean up after them), 
no camping either before or after the show at Maple Grove Park and Campground, 
the show raises money for the American Cancer Society~it is not a boobie show, 
if you are not the driver of the show car you will be asked to pay $1, 
no grilling permitted~ NONE,
pick up your trash, 
no burnouts,
no ripping up the grass doing donuts or being an asshat in general, 
police yourselves~ you know when you're toeing the line,
you cannot sell items next to your cars on the show field ~there just isn't room,
we will cap out at 500 show cars, there are 100 t-shirts and goodie bags are there until they are gone! (pre-registered people are guaranteed a goodie bag)

It's a fundraiser show, all the net proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

AND, most importantly it is Sunday and even though I just spouted off a ton of "do not's" I want everyone to come out and have fun.

oh, and the weather yourselves. I will not be answering any emails, or messages about the weather forecast.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A few ways your donation helps

Making a Difference in the Capital Area (includes Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties) 
the American Cancer Society helped 59 local patients learn how to cope with hair loss and skin changes at one of the Look Good Feel Better classes. The classes are taught by 7 trained, local volunteer cosmetologists. There are 7 local ACS Wig Salons. IN 2012, 1,338 local patients and their families found help from the Society, including 161 under served cancer patients.

That is how the money you donate makes a difference.

PoOrMan Designs Pin Up Calendar

It is official, the PoOrMan Pin Up Calendar has been released. (Click on the link to see the poster style calendar)

The Calendars are $20, with a portion of proceeds going to Dub N Rub and will benefit the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Credit Cards will be accepted at the car shows.

A few of the Calendar Girls will be at the show booth to sign your calendars, if you so desire. There will be a list all of the shows PoOrMan Designs, LLC will be attending on their Facebook page under notes.

Here are the PayPal instructions for reference:

Login to your PayPal account
Click "Send Money"
Amount: $20 per calendar
Click "I'm paying for goods or services"
Click "Continue"
Select your payment method
Choose Shipping Address (so we know where to send it)
Click "Send Money"

The important stuff for June 2, 2013

JUNE 2 2013 
Maple Grove Park and Campground (across from the racetrack)
30 Stauffer Park Lane Mohnton PA

the field opens and registration begins at 8:30AM and closes at NOON.

$10 donation to register.

$1 spectator admission donation.

$15 t-shirts (S, M, L, XL)
XXL $18

By noon, all the registered cars will be on the field. Spectator voting/judging will be on going until 1PM. Spectators can buy a ballot for $1. All registered cars will receive a ballot in their goodie bags (while they last). Winners will be announced by 2pm.

We are working on some changes for the categories, but the ones we know for sure are below
2013 Dub N Rub categories:

Saggiest, lowest of the low **air ride and static are split this year**
Implants, engine swapped
Topless, all those that can go~should
Perkiest, overall look and feel
All Natural, unmolested and un-modified
Respect your Elders (air cooled exclusive)

Most Supportive, will be picked by the Staff

The show was created as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, held in October at City Island in Harrisburg PA. I lost my father, grandmother and grandfather all within 2 years to lung cancer. I strongly believe the American Cancer Society needs all the funds we can raise to assist in research, education, community aid and outreach.

Dub N Rub welcomes all air cooled & water cooled VW's, and Audi drivers!
In the spirit of show&shine shows, everyone parks together with no distinct separation.

It is important for me to note that if a driver of a non-VW or Audi is willing to pay the registration donation in order to park with their friends on the field it is allowed. However, ONLY a VW or Audi can win one of the categories.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Check out the new website:
the blog is still up and active as well:
FB event invite:

2013 is sponsored by
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