Created by JH Designs

Created by JH Designs
2012 t-shirt front

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Category Changes

We sat down and changed up the categories you can win!

**The winners of each category will be used for the advertising for 2013. We dropped a few, made some changes to one, and created a new one

2012 Dub N Rub categories:

Saggiest, lowest of the low
Implants, engine swaps
Topless, all those that can go~should go!
Inner Beauty, overall interior of the car
Cleavage, **overall EXTERIOR** new description for 2012
Junk in the Trunk, for those who like some bump
Reconstruction, for those whose cars need a little more love to be good again

Most Supportive, will be picked by the Staff

We want to make Dub N Rub a fun experience for everyone who attends, so we want to keep it as fresh as possible!! I always take feedback from you, so please make suggestions. We may not always use them, but we are willing to listen.

Thank you again for your support of boobies!
Sharon & Andy