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Created by JH Designs
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Friday, May 31, 2013

The must have's of a show

I am not your mom, and I really do not want to be an enforcer so I would like to remind everyone attending that this is a family show. We support boobies, and I want you to have fun but more like PG-13 fun and less NC17. Meaning, no wet t-shirt contests. I don't want to see your nipples ladies, I know that the guys wouldn't mind...but the 4 year's parents usually do.
I am not policing your language, your music or your attitude unless I have to. And, if the Staff comes up to you and asks you to turn it down please do so. Last year we had some people asked to leave  and I do not want to have to do that again this year.
 Burn Outs are not allowed and should not be encouraged. Throwing glass bottles at/towards/near cars is never acceptable, and will result in an immediate ejection. 

Canopies are allowed (be conscious of space), 
if you are 21 you can have alcohol (don't be a jerk), 
dogs are permitted (you must clean up after them), 
no camping either before or after the show at Maple Grove Park and Campground, 
the show raises money for the American Cancer Society~it is not a boobie show, 
if you are not the driver of the show car you will be asked to pay $1, 
no grilling permitted~ NONE,
pick up your trash, 
no burnouts,
no ripping up the grass doing donuts or being an asshat in general, 
police yourselves~ you know when you're toeing the line,
you cannot sell items next to your cars on the show field ~there just isn't room,
we will cap out at 500 show cars, there are 100 t-shirts and goodie bags are there until they are gone! (pre-registered people are guaranteed a goodie bag)

It's a fundraiser show, all the net proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

AND, most importantly it is Sunday and even though I just spouted off a ton of "do not's" I want everyone to come out and have fun.

oh, and the weather yourselves. I will not be answering any emails, or messages about the weather forecast.

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